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Most of the time, the subject of the episode finds long-held assumptions challenged and ends up rethinking deeply held beliefs. A high-strung, stressed out salesman Tom is introduced to a New Age "life guide" who compels him to participate in a number of New Age ceremonies, treatments, discussions, etc. The second season begins with a reaction to recent immigration protests by placing a border-patrolling Minuteman — who, incidentally, had legally immigrated to the United States from Cuba as a child — in a home of illegal immigrants. Move onto the reservation and live with a Navajo family. Move in with pro-gun family. Views Read Edit View history. A gun-control supporter, who had a friend murdered by a shooting, moves in with a father and son who are strong gun advocates.

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This Week's Top Trailers.

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Same Sex Parenting

Must be treated exactly the same as all other inmates. They must recycle everythingincluding their human waste products. As the mother teaches the daughter, the mother ends up learning about the pressure teens experience to drink. This article needs additional citations for verification. What does the woman in question think about things now? Who wins in this show?

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Full Cast and Crew. He must familiarize himself with the city's gay culture by socializing with his roommate's friends. Himself - Adoptive Parent Thomas Patrick I never felt like they were trying to create something simply because it would look good on camera. He has to take part in a wheelchair rugby league. Lists of reality television series episodes.

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