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The President himself would have to approve it and he wouldn't do that. This has led to unproven charges that Talon News was created specifically to give Gannon a news organization that he could ostensibly represent, to justify his continuing to work at the White House. Gannon's question was ridiculed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart enquiring, "Who is this muckraking Jeff Gannon, who is holding the president's feet to the fire so that he can more easily give him a reach-around? Was he in porn? Soon after, The Blade suffered from a buyout that briefly killed the newspaper. What was the deal with Jeff Gannon? Being a kid herself she couldn't do much to stop it but the impression that DC was a very sick town stayed with her.

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During the Committee meeting, Democratic Rep.

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According to The Independent:. During the Committee meeting, Democratic Rep. Archived from the original on January 31, He was an organizer of his high school reunion in Pa. In a warehouse, I think. Bush has always had a thing for guys who were alpha male military, athletes, etc. They probably will never find his body.

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He was eventually employed by the conservative website Talon News during the latter part of this period. Then he just disappeared. Gannon subsequently has been subpoenaed by the federal grand jury looking into the Plame outing. The thing is, gay is genetic, right? No dick for him. Retrieved September 5,

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