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How much longer was this boy about to make me wait? Don Lemon, CNN's openly gay anchorman". I glared at her for a moment before I realized that she was right and that I was just hungry and thirsty and cranky. Jace's kisses then continued their decent downwards, trailing down Alec's chest and stomach. So these are a series of mystic messenger one shots but people are drunk. Cover photo credited to queerwarriorcats on DeviantArt A collection of stories of gay and lesbian warrior cat pairings!

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Tonight was the night they were going to be used.

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They kept whispering to each other and because I am who I am, I began getting paranoid. Blaine and Puck start to have sexual tension, making Blaine completely obsessed with Puck's manhood. Young Adult - Rated: She was a great opener. Jace was probably as straight as you could get.

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Jace then began to kiss along Alec's jaw, then down his neck to where he sucked at the skin, biting gently and leaving a red mark when he was done. He stayed there for a moment, breathing through his nose before coming back up, carefully scraping his teeth up Alec's rigid flesh. Jace's release soon followed, with a final shout of Alec's name he toppled over the edge and collapsed atop the dark haired boy. Petey blinked in embarrassment and began to run his palm up and down on Gary's thick shaft, eliciting an appreciative groan from the taller man. All the boys would either want to beat the living shit out of him well, more so than they presently didor turn tail and run at the site of him, for fear of being "turned gay" or some stupid shit like that.

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