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Yes All dioceses ordain candidates regardless of orientation. Archived from the original on 17 May BBC News. Maine man accused of rape, murder of Norwalk girl appears in court A man accused of the rape and murder of an year-old girl from Connecticut The Orthodox Church holds the opinion that sexuality, as we understand it, is part of the fallen world only. Ties among Anglicans have been strained since Episcopalians in elected Bishop Gene Robinson, who lived openly with his male partner, to lead the Diocese of New Hampshire. Yes General Assembly has affirmed all orientations; local regions and congregations can make their own choice.

episcopal church gay marriage ct hartford
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The record group includes his early career, personal and professional correspondence, and involvement in civic activities, photographs, artifacts, educational and professional achievements, biographies, and literary publications, among other historical and cultural documents.

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Podcast Available for Premium Subscribers. A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction. Shanley would advise people to be careful and maintain a level of confidentiality about their homosexual relationships with each other.

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They are customarily referred to as the churches of the Continuing Anglican movement.