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Dan gets a mysterious e-mail from someone saying they "know what he's done"! Back to top Home News U. It's not even all the Cutting Edge cracks you can make every time Moira Kelly pops up onscreen. CMM and James Lafferty in their boxers together! A "do me" queen, R Actually, the best thing about that movie was seeing Jared Padalecki covered in hot wax!

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Chad Michael Murray

I would do nothing. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. The Gilmore Girls actor was amidst the MeToo revelations of the last couple years. Like r22, i thought Lafferty was the better looking one. Lovett Helena Bonham Carter.

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Some queen on "One Tree Hill" definitely knew what the were doing. Fortunately, the talented musician is releasing a solo album, Alone: Because there is a stereotype of white guys having no ass. I know we do! Cyber-bullying is the new teen pregnancy! As football pays tribute to hero goalkeeper Gordon Banks, we reveal what

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