Gay marriage a civil rights issue

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If homosexual relationships are, in this manner, legally recognized as marriages, no realities will change. The first question is about identity and difference. But this attitude has slowed the momentum of the gay marriage movement nationally--and is holding it back in many places. They are likely to get them--making Massachusetts the first state in U. There is no civil rights discrimination being practiced against a youngster who is not allowed the identity of a college student because she is not qualified to enter college. In particular, we need to be clear about what constitutes a civil right.

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Pregnancy will still be possible only by implanting a male sperm in a female egg, whether that is done by sexual intercourse inside or outside of marriage, or by in vitro fertilization, or by implanting male sperm in the uterus of a woman not married to the man whose sperm are being used.

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Same-Sex "Marriage" Is Not a Civil Right

The antidiscrimination principle is appealed to not in order to show that some married couples have previously been denied the recognition of their marriage. Those who choose to live together in life-long homosexual relationships; or brothers and sisters who live together and take care of one another; or two friends of the same sex who are not sexually involved but share life together in the same home—all of these may be free to live as they do, and they suffer no civil rights discrimination by not being identified as marriages. It is also the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. The lines didn't thin out, either--until March 12, when the state Supreme Court ruled that the city had to stop issuing the licenses. In Rhode Island--next to Massachusetts, with no laws banning gay marriage and many openly gay officials--efforts to demand equal marriage rights have been silenced by "gay-friendly" politicians. But this is entirely inappropriate for making the case for same-sex "marriage. This should be our message to "gay-friendly" Democratic politicians who coach patience or compromise--like openly gay Rep.

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And in cities across the country, gay rights supporters organized protests to demand marriage rights. It is certainly true that the contention over marriage is about civil law. In cities large and small--from Portland, Ore. And since it is unconstitutional to deny equal civil rights to citizens, it is unconstitutional to deny to homosexual couples the right to marry. There is no shortcut.

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