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This weirdly violent, dope-fuelled comedy, which pays unnecessary homage to crap 80s action movies, has its bright spots, and all of them are due to Franco's beatific turn as Saul Silver, a drug dealer with a Cheshire Cat grin, lank locks and a slacker-chic wardrobe of PJs and faded Ts. He's afraid to inform his conservative parents that he is gay. The two reconnect and he heads back east to recuperate. Kissing men is not foreign to Bill Hader. A power and desire game starts and their relationship grows beyond their friendship.

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Like, 'Come on, gang!

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10 Greatest Guy On Guy Kisses In Movie History

Pineapple Express and Milk represent the start of an unofficial campaign to reveal who Franco is, and what makes him special. Any man in his company begins inevitably to resemble Ernest Borgnine by comparison. He added, "In The Skeleton Twins, the character of Milo has all kinds of issues — he's depressed, self-destructive, bratty, narcissistic, and flirting with a drinking problem. During his time back in their hometown, Milo reconnects with a teacher with whom he had a sordid relationship back in high school. Pineapple Express - produced by Judd Apatow, co-written by its star Seth Rogen and named after a powerful and fictional strain of weed - is a departure for Franco, although from what remains slightly unclear.

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Any Franco-phile knows he can hold his own in everything from Apatow's much-loved, short-lived TV show Freaks and Geeks to the Spider-Man trilogy where he plays Harry Osborn, aka Son of the Green Goblin or any of the sombre parts he has taken on in between, from a homeless junkie in City By The Sea to a hustler in Sonny. When they recognize to be childhood friends, Eugenio offers him work for the summer. I wasn't smoking that much pineapple express. Even Sony, the studio which produced Pineapple Express, had expressed reservations about casting Franco as Saul, given his dour track record. I guess people think I'm stoned the whole time because of the way I talk. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Today he is stretched out on the sofa in dark blue jeans with a checked shirt buttoned over a white singlet.

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